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Muslim ticket-holders of FIFA World Cup to get free visa for Umrah

What happened: Saudi Arabia has announced that Muslim holders of the FIFA World Cup tickets will be able to perform Umrah in the country without

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Rainbow-colored toys seized by Saudi authorities for ‘promoting homosexuality’ 

What happened: The Saudi government officials have initiated a crackdown on the rainbow-colored toys and multi-colored clothes from the shops in Kingdom’s capital, Riyadh. The Saudi state-run TV

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No plans to legalize alcohol for tourists in Saudi Arabia 

What happened: Despite requests by foreign tourists to allow alcohol, the Saudi government has stated that they will not allow the tourists for alcohol in the

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Only individuals with designated visas would be allowed to perform Hajj 

What happened: The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, in a statement from Riyadh, clarified that Hajj could be performed by those who have a

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Did PTI workers initiate the hooliganism in Masjid-e-Nabvi?

Details: Social media users, alongside pictures on Twitter, state the involvement of PTI workers in the Saudi Arabia incident of chanting hatred slogans in one

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Pakistani pilgrims arrested for ‘raising slogans’ & ‘violating sanctity’ of Masjid-e-Nabwi 

What happened: On April 29, the Saudi authorities apprehended the Pakistani pilgrims. They chanted slogans of “ghaddar ghaddar and chor chor” at federal cabinet members at the

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Nawaz Sharif has been advised against Umrah travel to Saudi Arabia by doctors

What happened: The former prime minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, has been advised against the Umrah pilgrimage to the Saudi Arabia Kingdom, as the reports

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Ramadan Gift: Saudi Arabia sends 100-ton dates to Pakistan

Details: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on April 20, sent a hundred tonnes of dates to Pakistan as their annual tradition and continuation of their

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Saudi Arabia allows women above the age of 45 to perform Umrah without mahram

What happened: The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has allowed women over the age of 45 would be allowed to perform Umrah without being

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For the first time after Covid pandemic’s hit, Aitekaf to resume at Holy Mosques in Saudi Arabia

What happened: On March 23, the Saudi government has decided to resume Aitekaf at the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah and the Grand Mosque in Makkah