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High-end designer supports ISL’s decision of censoring trans activist as her kids study there; here’s how Dr. Moiz replied

On Aug 17, high-end designer Maria Fatima Butt took to her Instagram stories to support ISL x TED’s decision of removing policy practitioner and trans-activist,

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Just hours after schools reopened, Afghan girls were directed back to homes by Taliban

What happened: On March 23, Taliban ordered girls’ secondary schools in Afghanistan to close just hours after they reopened on, causing uncertainty and sadness over


Lahore will soon see its first trans-person school under the directives of Punjab Education Minister

What happened: On March 15, the Punjab School Education Department announced the opening of a transgender school in the provincial capital’s Barkat Market. Details: The

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3 children die in Sindh’s Nangarparkar as school wall falls on them

Three children were killed when the wall of a primary school building fell on them in village Bhooro Sand, near Nagarparkar town in Sindh, on

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Another Day, Another Victim Pays The Price

Nusraf Jehan Rafi was doused with kerosine and set on fire at her school in Bangladesh. Why? For filing a sexual harassment case against the

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Love and Loathing Under the Bridge: 5 Reasons that Compelled Me to Leave SICAS

I left SICAS in the middle of my A1; I was forced to leave. I write this today not out of bitterness or hate (maybe

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#BoycottBeaconhouse – Because Our National Pride is Too Damn Fickle

The Beaconhouse School System in Pakistan is under fire – a Twitter fire that is. Why? Because the Twitterati has taken offense to the content


To The Bullied – Stand Up For Yourself

We live in a world where we don’t realise or are completely oblivious to the idea that depression, isolation, anxiety and separation exist. When we