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93% Pakistanis in favor of keeping schools open, Gallup Pakistan

Most Pakistanis (93%) are in favor of keeping schools open as they believe that children are lagging in education, according to a survey conducted by Gallup

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Sindh schools demand Matric exams to be postponed till March 25

The Matric board issued announced that the exams would begin March 16. However, private schools in Sindh have a major problem with that as the

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14 Years After Quakes, Over 100 Schools Still Haven’t Been Rebuilt

More than one hundred school buildings were destroyed in the Battagram district, and since then students have been forced to attend classes out in the

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A Muslim student at the London School of Economics was called a ‘Proper Talibani’ by Indian Yogi, Jaggi Vasudev

Jaggi Vasudev, more commonly known as Sadghuru, the founder of the Isha Foundation had to clarify calling a Muslim student a ‘Proper Talibani’ following the

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7 Things the Punjab Government Should Ban Instead of Dancing at School Events

The PML-N government is no stranger to prodigiously stressful times. The tenure of their administrations, whether national or provincial, has always been marked by series


Here’s Why Pakistan’s Educational Institutes Are a Mess

Pakistan’s development in the education sector is a unique situation with countrywide literacy rates slipping lower, rather than going higher. Pakistan is a nation that