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Lahore based singer accused of harassment; Shamas says accusations are fabricated and fake chats are being shared

What happened: An account on Instagram, Wall of Shame Pakistan, shared a post detailing reports from multiple women who claimed they have been harassed or

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Court hands down 22-years prison sentence to a kidnapping and rape convict

What Happened: On Monday, a special court for gender-based violence sentenced Samson Masih to collective imprisonment of 22 years based on charges of kidnapping and

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Man Receives 8 Year Sentence For Assaulting and Defaming Ex-Fiance

The indicted goes by Muhammad Sajjad, who has been awarded an 8 year sentence in jail in a case relating to Sajjad sharing a girl’s

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Another Case of Child Abuse: When Will We Speak Up?

Child abuse is an open secret in Pakistan. Nearly 2/3 of all children in Pakistan go through some form of sexual abuse/assault. And the issue


What #MeToo Means for Pakistan’s Most Marginalised

In the better part of 2018, a movement started amongst those that identify as women* in the US which has now grown to a global