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How this Pakistani cleric sparked a debate over #AmmarKaQatilKon

What happened: An online battle is currently trending on Twitter with hashtag #AmmarKaQatilKon between two factions, with one demanding punishments ranging from jail to beheading


This Pishin man was forced to remove his sabeel after ASWJ threatened him ‘yeh Shia rasm yahan nahi chalegi’

What happened: Journalist, Asad Gokal shared a video on his Twitter handle where a man is catering a small spot all by himself to remember

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Shia student thrashed by classmates and jailed over sectarian disagreement

A Shia student was beaten by his classmates, before being handed over to police after a disagreement centred on the Caliphs Umar and Ali. The

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Sectarian divide: Fundraiser for a Shia woman gets cancelled

A storm took over Muslim Twitter this week after a user cancelled a fundraiser for a Shia woman who was shot dead on Sunday afternoon.

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A group of TLP members reportedly attacked a Shia procession held for Youm-e-Ali

It is being reported that a group of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) members allegedly attacked a Shia procession held to mark Youm-e-Ali outside an Imambargah in

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Gaza is under attack! Death toll rises as more than 600 rockets were fired during the weekend escalation between Israel-Palestine The death toll rise Sunday

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In Pictures – Muharram Around the Globe

Muharram marks the beginning of the Islamic Calendar and is observed by Muslims across the globe. This particular month holds a lot of significance for


Media Blackout During Ongoing Hazara Protest- What Is the Reason for This Silence?

Today is another day of deafening silence on atrocities against minorities within the country. Media silence, to be specific. The Hazara community continues to stage


13 Ignorant Things Shias Have Heard About Muharram From Other Pakistanis

Whether you are a Shia, Sunni or belong to any other house of beliefs, as a human being, one cannot deny the massacre that took