Goray Rang ka Zamana?

From Fair&lovely to Vital Signs’ “Goray Rang ka zaman”, it’s no secret that Desi population is obsessed with being fair and white. An ode to


Ghussal Khana Khappay | Part Four

11:55 In a small hole behind the medicine cabinet, Bulgari the rat paces the entire length of his private suite (which isn’t much, to begin


Ghussal Khana Khappay | Part Two

‘Whoa!!!!! Have u ever seen anything like that?’ Remi breaks the silence. For once Gilly is left speechless. All around them, they can feel the


Ghussal Khana Khappay | Part One

11:45 AM Like every other night of his sad and insignificant life, the last thing Monty does before going to bed is brush his teeth. 

Editorial Opinion

His Name was Mujahid

Patience. It had never been one of his strongest virtues. Had it been hours? A day? Or many days, perhaps? He had lost track of


The Cafe

Monday Morning, 11:00 AM   “Zubair! Zubair?! Why is this larka always so hard to get a hold of!” “Coming, Sir!” “Zubair, the guests at


The Loss of Magic- The Dying Trend of Bedtime Stories

Do you remember the thick hardcover book that we clung on to as we got into bed? It’s glossy pages and the splash of colors