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Sexual ‘Liberation’ and Class Struggle in Contemporary Pakistan

Four years ago, Vice published an essay I wrote on Pakistan’s “hook-up culture.” Initially upon submission, the piece was less of a personal essay and


5 Things The Pakistani Society Can’t Handle When It Comes To Women

Disclaimer: The following is an anonymous submission. The views and opinions expressed belong to the author alone. To say that the Pakistani Society treats men

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12 Ahmadis That Keep Most Of Pakistan Up at Night

The hashtag ‘Ahmedi’ has been trending in Pakistan again, after Attock Assistant Commissioner Jannat Hussain Nekokara was forced to apologise for speaking about equal treatment of


International Cricket Spot Fixing

A recent criminal case has been discovered in the international cricket industry. Reportedly more than 24 matches have been fixed on an international scale. According

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Jalib’s Legacy turned Laborer

Habib Jalib was a revolutionary poet, a politician, opposer of the martial law, an activist and a “poet of the masses.” Jalib died 25 years

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Victim Shaming in Entertainment Industry

With cases like Dr Ford, Kevin Spacey, Tanushree Datta, Meesha Shafi and the likes, several renowned people have taken to social media and other platforms

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SOS – One JUI (S) Chief Required

The high-profile Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (S) Chief Maulana Samiul Haq was recently summoned by a delegation from Afghanistan to play his role in resolving the Afghan

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The Kavanaugh Case Reveals the Global Epidemic that is Victim Blaming

Since the #MeToo campaign, women all over the world have either taken to social media platforms or the court to reveal their stories in hopes

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What Tourism Day?

It is a tragedy that World Tourism Day on September 27th passed by with no celebration or event taking place in the tourism hub of


Nana Patekar: Bollywood’s Alleged Sexual Predator

#MeToo has enabled several women to come forward with their stories of harassment. The space created by this global movement is responsible for sending the