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How ‘Daftarkhwan’ is changing the game of emerging startups in Pakistan

About Daftarkhwan: Founded in 2016 as an experimental 20-people co-working facility, Daftarkhwan has swiftly grown to a spectacular 125,000+ square feet with 7 unique sites across


Pakistani startups have raised $563.5 million since 2015, says Pakistan Startup Ecosystem Report ‘21

What happened: According to the Pakistan Startup Ecosystem Report 2021, which was released on March 15, startups in Pakistan have raised PKR Rs.42.9 billion ($563.5

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2021 – the year of start ups in Pakistan

Here are 9 startups in Pakistan changing the game by brining revolution in their fields and securing funding in millions!

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5 Food Startups Delivering Scrumptious and Hygienic Haleem across Lahore

Get a steaming hot plate of Haleem at your doorstep in the comfort of your home and support an emerging local food start up. Swipe

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9 resin trays that are right out of a Pinterest decor board

Art comes in many different forms and one of them is resin art. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but most art pieces made using

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9 Insanely Talented Henna Artists in Islamabad That Need to Be Booked for Chaand Raat

The one thing that eid and weddings have in common is that they’re both incomplete without henna. And since eid is right around the corner,

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This is how co-working spaces can help early stage startups in Pakistan

In recent years, with incubators and accelerators popping up in Pakistan’s major cities, an ever increasing number of Pakistanis are opting to forego traditional career

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Shaadi Mubarak with SWVL!

Shaadi season kicked off this year with multiple celebrities tying the knot and announcing their betrothals; one wedding picture after another, each more aesthetic and

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This Is What Start-Ups Can Learn From Slack’s Success Story

What is Slack? Slack, an acronym for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge,” is an American cloud-based set of online services and software tools. It


Digital revolution of Pakistan- A pictorial timeline

A little late to the digital revolution party, Pakistan was relatively slow in adopting newer digital technologies than its counterparts. Fast forward a few years