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Renowned economist states how the elite legalises corruption for their own sake

What happened: On December 6, a well-known economist named Atif Mian took to Twitter and stated: “The most damaging sort of corruption is legal.” According

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Islamabad woman escaped shady inDrive biker but guess what? She’s now getting victim-blamed

*Names have been changed due to anonymity What happened: A part-time employee and student named Anousha* booked an inDrive bike in Islamabad’s I-8 Markaz area

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Our undercover agent ‘Major Adnan Sami’ has (once again) gone bonkers

What happened: On November 14, music composer Adnan Sami took to his Twitter account where he threatened to ‘expose the reality of the Pakistan establishment.’

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Karachi is getting its first solar park (finally!)

What happened: Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has begun construction of the city’s first solar park in an effort to generate sustainable energy while reducing the burden

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Where’s justice? Court first didn’t allow Chanda to meet parents & later sent her to a safe house

What’s happening now: Pakistan’s justice system is once again being questioned as a Twitter video shared by the journalist at TheRiseNews, Veengas stated, “The court

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ICT police says Shah Mehmood Qureshi threatened officers for just doing their job

What happened: The capital police had partially sealed the Red Zone as farmers from Punjab began gathering at F-9 Park to protest rising power bills,

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Amidst national emergency, Pakistan’s climate ministry lingers on to defend their government

What happened: On Aug 26, a writer named Tazeen wrote on her Twitter handle that Pakistan has 7,253 glaciers, the highest number outside the polar

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Here’s why Youm-e-Takbir is marked as ‘Black Day’ by Balochistan

What happened: Every year on May 28, Pakistan celebrates “Youm-e-Takbir,” which translates as “Day of Greatness,” to commemorate the country’s first successful nuclear test. Locals

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Imposter apprehended for creating PM Shehbaz Sharif’s fake account on Twitter 

What happened:  In the past week, a Twitter account came to light, which was claimed to be Shehbaz Sharif and was tweeting and joining different

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A research group says 23% of Elon Musk’s Twitter followers are fake

What happened: According to a recent joint audit by two research companies, almost 23.42 percent of Elon Musk’s 93 million Twitter followers were found to