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Here are 3 women exclusive cab services operating in Pakistan

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s (KPK) Mashal Aamir wins 2021 Diana Award for her services to humanity

What happened: Mashal Aamir won the Diana Award on 28th June for her services to humanity and welfare marking a great honour for Pakistan and

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University in Sindh opens Vice-Chancellor applications to males only

The Shaheed Allah Bux Soomro University of Art, Design, and Heritage in Jamshoro recently advertised that they are hiring a Vice-Chancellor for the university, but

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Islamabad police launches dedicated unit for women who have faced harassment and abuse

Islamabad police have launched a “Gender Protection Unit” to offer protection to the women of the city by providing them with a platform to report

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A five-women group strives to preserve Sufi music in Occupied Kashmir

A group of Kashmiri women is trying to save the dwindling musical genre of Sufiyan Musiqi in the north Indian region of Jammu and Kashmir.

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Daraz has partnered with Femprow to elevate 2000+ women entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Daraz and Nadia Patel Gangjee’s social enterprise, Femprow, have come together to assist the newly registered female sellers in establishing their shops on the platform

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Maryam Mujtaba is the first woman from Azad Kashmir to become a commercial pilot

What Happened: After joining the International Airlines (PIA) back in 2011 as a cadet pilot, and completing her training from academies in Rawalpindi and America,

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More than 150 women doctors from Pakistan are helping Palestinian patients in Gaza via eDoctor

Israel’s ruthless aerial bombardment of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank in Palestine has critically injured many, and the bombing has also devastated medical

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British-Pakistani woman named England’s first hijab-wearing boxing coach and ‘Hometown Hero’ for Commonwealth Games

What Happened: British-Pakistani woman Haseeba Abdullah is England’s first hijab-wearing boxing coach and has now been named as a “Hometown Hero” for the Commonwealth Games scheduled to

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Facebook and Telenor to train women in digital skills

Facebook and Telenor launched a joint programme to train 1,000 Pakistani girls and women in digital skills to help them achieve financial empowerment and society