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Noor Mukaddam: The Nation awaits justice

Back-story: On the 21st of July 2021, an outcry for justice arose, from regular citizens to elite class citizens of Pakistan. A gruesome murder became

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Muslim women in India put for sale on website

What happened: A Senior Correspondent for The Print India, Fatima Khan, tweeted something disturbing about a website offering “Sulli Deals”. Muslims in India are often

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Islamabad police launches dedicated unit for women who have faced harassment and abuse

Islamabad police have launched a “Gender Protection Unit” to offer protection to the women of the city by providing them with a platform to report

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Husband has no right over wife’s property, Supreme Court rules

The Supreme Court has declared that a husband has no “right” over his wife’s property without her consent. The fundamental rights in the Constitution include

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After 25 years, women offer Friday prayer at Peshawar’s historic mosque

Peshawar’s historic Sunehri Masjid on Friday opened its doors to female worshippers for the first time since 1996, a move warmly welcomed by women of

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UN Report: 9 in 10 of all people hold bias against women

Nearly 90 percent of the world’s population — of every gender — holds some prejudice against women, according to a UN study published Thursday, ahead

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Bahawalpur man douses wife, mother-in-law in acid over ‘domestic spat’

A man doused his wife and mother-in-law in acid allegedly over a domestic spat in the district’s Ahmedpur East city, police confirmed on Wednesday. According to

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Asma Jahangir’s fearless fight for the rights of minorities

On Asma Jahangir’s second death anniversary, we take a moment to remember the fearless woman who fought tirelessly for the rights of minorities. Jahangir was


7 Types of Ads That Promote Blatant Sexism

Media is a big part of our lives. Whatever is depicted on television and the internet is viewed by the entire public. This means that