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This 100 year-old man’s dedication led him towards world record of working at same company for 84 years!

What happened: Last month, Walter Orthmann turned 100 years old and broke the world record for the longest career at the same company. According to


COLABS raises $3 million seed to empower entrepreneurs and freelancers through its spaces and tech platform across Pakistan

COLABS, the Lahore-based startup that enables SMEs, entrepreneurs and freelancers to build and grow
their businesses through its spaces and tech platform, has raised $3 million in a seed round.

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TikToker fired after he moved into his work cubicle as protest for not being ‘paid enough’

What happened: On March 17, after footage of him moving into his cubicle at work went viral, the Tiktoker, Chibuzor Ejimofor claimed he was fired.


7 Things Every New Teacher Experiences

As a teacher you may be employed in one institution for more than a decade, well-settled in your comfort zone, however; if you’re a new