Goray Rang ka Zamana?

From Fair&lovely to Vital Signs’ “Goray Rang ka zaman”, it’s no secret that Desi population is obsessed with being fair and white. An ode to


تحریر: زندگی

ہم سب کی زندگیاں کہانیاں ہیں بس۔ ہر ایک کی زندگی کہانی کے علاوہ کچھ بھی نہیں کسی کا اختتام خوشی پر ہوتا ہے تو

Young Creatives

‌Young Creatives: A Conversation on “All that is Musical, Artistic, and Raw ‌‌directing” with Musa Ghaznavi

ProperGaanda’s venture ‘Young Creatives’ sheds light on the individuals that are shaping their own unique path through a society that has long faired on traditional