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A misogynist and controversial Andrew Tate was finally banned from social media platforms!

What happened: The platforms banned a name that had been doing rounds on social media for his misogynistic remarks last month. Recently, the so-called influencer was

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Mrbeast might just get Twitter for free if Musk dies ‘mysteriously’ 

What happened:  In a series of tweets, Elon Musk wrote that he died under mysterious circumstances and that he would give the recently bought social

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Youtuber crashed his own plane for views, says US aviation agency

What happened: The US Federal Aviation Administration has revoked a YouTuber, Trevor Jacob’s pilot licence after finding out that he deliberately crashed his plane for

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Here’s what you need to know about Jake Paul fighting Mike Tyson for $49 million

What happened: On January 17, the YouTuber-turned boxer and the boxing legend Mike Tyson entered a fight agreement for an exhibition match in Las Vegas,

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This female YouTuber decides to sell her farts in a jar

What happened: Stephanie Matto, in her Instagram post, revealed that she is offering a unique item for her followers. It is pertinent to know that

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All That Has Happened In Entertainment In the Last 24 Hours

19 June 2019 Shahid Kapoor says that his fights with his wife Mira can last 15 days on occasion During a chat session with Neha

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Why Does Controversy Sell on Like Hot Cakes on Social Media?!

There is nothing Pakistanis love more than a good controversy – except probably a conspiracy theory. The Pakistani youtube community has been rife with controversy

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Who Is To Blame For This Host’s Vile Comments?

On 6th May, social media sensation Nasir Khan Jan was invited as a guest on SAMAA TV’s show Naya Din to address rumours that he

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5 Times Anchors F*#ked Up To Maintain TV Channel Ratings

If you hadn’t already noticed, the media industry is all about numbers now: shares, likes and of course ratings. When the goal is to maintain

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This is not okay. Last night, Samaa TV aired an interview of Nasir Khan Jan with on their show Naya Din. One of the hosts,