5 proposal ideas under Rs. 5,000 for the Lahoris in quarantine

5 proposal ideas under Rs. 5,000 for the Lahoris in quarantine

March 17, 2021 0

Is 2021 the year where you’ll finally seal the deal? If so, don’t embarrass yourself with just a basic proposal. 2021 is all about showing more affection and going an extra mile for the love of your life before putting a ring on it.

Channel your inner romantic with these 5 proposal props that you can get in Lahore for Rs. 5,000 and under. 

1. Personalised Teddy Bears from Confetti-tastic

Confetti-tastic (@confetti_tastic) is known for its plushy and adorable teddy bears. For Rs. 2,000 they can personalise a 12-inch teddy to the colour of the customer’s choice. Ask them to embroider a ring on the teddy’s belly with the sentence ‘marry me’ on its paws. Customers can either get a teddy or, if they don’t mind spending a bit more, a ‘Stuffee’ for Rs. 5500. A ‘Stuffee’ is a special package that includes a teddy, chocolates, flowers, and confetti inside a huge balloon. Put a ring inside the Stuffee and see your lover fall in love with you all over again. 

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Stuffee by @confetti_tastic

2. Miniatures and Hand-tied Bouquets By Bliss

At Bliss (@bliss_lhr) you can find flowers and gift boxes for as much as 3 lacs but if you’re planning to propose on a budget, I suggest you opt for their miniatures or hand-tied bouquets. Both are priced under Rs. 5,000. The idea is to purchase a miniature and ask them to add chocolates, flowers and a cute note that says ‘Please be mine forever’ inside. While your lover reads the note, go down on one knee and pop the question! 

Get miniatures here

Miniature by @bliss_lhr

3. Thoughtbox.

Almost every item on Thoughtbox’s (@thoughtbox.pk) profile costs Rs. 5,000 or less. Get their polaroid frame for Rs. 2,500 and instruct them to affix cute pictures with your better half on it. If not a frame, then go for Thoughtbox’s surprise box. Surprise boxes have ingeniously been created so when the lid is removed the sides cascade and a surprise (which usually consists of balloons and pictures) is revealed. Get the biggest box that they have in your favourite pattern/colour. Inside the box put balloons that say ‘Will you marry me?’. Add chocolates, pictures and a beautiful ring. What a dreamy proposal!

Visit Thoughtbox here!

Surprise Box by (@thoughtbox.pk

4. Smash Cakes by The Crumbs Cottage

Here’s a unique way to ask the girl/boy of your dreams out for marriage. Contact The Crumbs Cottage (@thecrumbscottage) to get a pinata smash cake in the shape of a heart. Buy a customised acrylic tray with little gem hearts and strawberries. Put a red pinata smash cake that says ‘I love you’ on the tray. Inside the pinata add a polaroid of you two, a ring and lots of chocolates of her/his liking. All of this will cost no more than Rs. 3,000.

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Valentine’s Day Platter by @thecrumbscottage

5. Wrapped In Confetti 

You would love this idea if your significant other loves cookies as much as they love you. Wrapped in Confetti (@wrappedinconfetti) is a home-based bakery and a gift shop. Customers can personalise each package to their fiancé-to-be’s liking. For Rs. 4,000, get 8 heart shaped cookies, 5 Ferrero Rochers, 5 brownie pieces and 1 handmade card. Once you get the package add a ring to it and write something cute but funny on the handmade card. It’ll surely bring a smile to their face.

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Sameyia Syed