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How this Pakistani cleric sparked a debate over #AmmarKaQatilKon

What happened: An online battle is currently trending on Twitter with hashtag #AmmarKaQatilKon between two factions, with one demanding punishments ranging from jail to beheading

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How this journalist (with 1.3m subscribers) misguided viewers by calling Arabela Arpi’s case ‘a drama’

Details: A YouTuber named Syed Ali Haider, who has around 1.23 million subscribers, posted a video on his channel where he dismissed foreign blogger’s rape

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From calling women responsible for Covid to being everyone’s ideal; Story of MTJ

Recently, Maulana Tariq Jameel has come under controversy, and it irks a controversy in my opinion, as politics and religion should be kept apart, but

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Here’s how Team Propergaanda reacted to Mashadi ’22

The recent Mashion x Moltyfoam, ‘Mashadi’ video on abusive relationships sparked a much needed conversation on the dilemma. From putting up with the harsh behaviour

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Domestic abuse a dilemma in Pakistani society; Moltyfoam perfectly highlights it by Mashaadi’22 

What happened: Pakistan is considered to be a male-dominant society where each of the things in the society is often dictated by the male members, indeed

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Bhawalpur doctor assaulted by ex-husband’s cousin in police station

What happened: A man was seen brutally hitting a female doctor at a Bahawalpur police station, in surveillance video. The assaulter, identified as Adeel, can

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A female pizza joint employee got viciously beaten in India by a couple of women for ‘staring’

What happened: In Indore, a female employee of a prominent pizza company was viciously attacked by a gang of women for “staring” at them in

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Khan’s warrior was not an SHO, reveals misinformation spreads like a wildfire 

What happened: A viral video last week showed a person named Naqash talking via wireless and acting as if he was the SHO of Kohsar

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PM Jacinda Ardern pays tribute to Moht. Benazir Bhutto in her Harvard commencement speech

What happened: On May 26, Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, used her Harvard University Commencement address to condemn the “scourge of falsehood”

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Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari defends Imran Khan’s Russia trip

What happened: On May 19, Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari defended Imran Khan’s trip to Moscow, saying the former prime minister didn’t know Russia would invade