With less time in hand, Khan ‘conspires’ to delay the no-confidence voting

With less time in hand, Khan ‘conspires’ to delay the no-confidence voting

April 2, 2022 0

What happened:

As the #NoConfidenceMotion is scheduled for Sunday April 3, in the capital #Islamabad, there has been a cabinet meeting under #ImranKhan’s leadership, and several tactics have been discussed to delay the voting. However, in my opinion, the last few weeks for Imran Khan have been tough as the tone of his speeches has changed, from calling Shehbaz Sharif “shoowbaaz boot polisher” to allegedly conspiring to arrest the Opposition members ahead of Sunday. Last-minute change by Imran Khan in the law ministry and appointing Fawad Chaudhary as the new Minister has raised a few eyebrows. As expected, Chaudhary filed a petition in court regarding Shehbaz’s bail. 

What you need to know:

The last few days have been considered tough for the Khan government, which the live tv talk shows have also depicted, as the spokesperson for Khan’s government Usman Dar on April 1, called out Mohsin Ranjha in a live performance, seemingly tensed federal government is trying their best to cross the #Sudnay deadline by using tactics in delaying the votes. At the same time, on April 2, a private Pakistani channel’s reporter Akbar Yousafzai reported, “Ajj cabinet ki meeting mein tajweezein di gayi aur hakumaat pouri koushish kr rhi kay Kisi tareeky sey no-confidence voting kou nakaam banaia jaiye.” 


Subsequently, Akbar Yousafzai reported, “In the meeting, it was discussed that the cabinet meeting hinted on lingering on the no-confidence voting if it succeeds, and was suggested that the Speaker should delay the session, and hakumat kay khilaaf sazish krny walay kou article 6 lgaya jaiye.” 


Over the past few weeks, various reports claimed that tactics like America conspiring against Pakistan, and using the “religious” card in his speeches, has been a trend shown by the premier in the last few months, which has probably satisfied his right-wing supporters, but has left the nation at the brink of as tweeted by a PTI minister “Banana Republic.” Though, Khan has said, “Na kabhi jhuka houn na apni qaum kou jhoknay dounga,” however, appointing Ch Pervaiz Elahi as CM Punjab was termed as a political compromise by Khan. 

Rana Abdullah Hammad
Rana Abdullah Hammad
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