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Syria’s Return to Arab League: Brief View of how will it change the Region

The wind of change has swept the Arab region. Syria, once ignore and dusted by the Arab states is back in the political arena of

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AI is taking over: Where do the creative heads go?

Are artists going to lose their jobs because of AI? Where do the actual creative heads go? This year has seen an outbreak of interest

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”Mother’s Day, Not Mothers’ Day”: The Tragic Story Behind The Commercial Holiday

Before the brunches, before the gifts and greeting cards, Mother’s Day was a time for mourning women to remember fallen soldiers and work for peace.

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Is Imran Khan the New Establishment?

The match is on between Imran Khan and the current Chief of Army Staff, Asim Munir. Our political history is full of conflicts between the

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Mother’s Day – why the expression of love for our mother be restricted to A single day?

Mother’s Day is a special occasion when we celebrate and express our love and gratitude towards our mothers. It is a day that is dedicated

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Indonesians are worried that ‘banning sex outside marriage’ can scare tourists away

What happened: On December 6, Indonesia’s parliament approved a new criminal code that punishes sex outside marriage with up to a year in prison, despite

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A Thai temple is out of monks now as all of them failed the drug test

What happened: On Nov 29, four monks, including an abbot, tested positive for methamphetamine at a temple in Phetchabun province’s Bung Sam Phan district, according

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At COP27 this year, Pakistan needs rich countries to pay up for flood catastrophe

What you need to know: Every year, the United Nations holds climate conferences to encourage governments to agree on policies directed towards minimizing the global

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4 Singaporean friends drugged & r*ped each others’ wives to ‘fulfill fantasies’

What happened: In 2010, four friends in Singapore met on an online forum named Sammyboy where they discussed wife-sharing fantasies. Later, they carried out their

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Does brown representation really matter if UK’s new PM is richer than the King and hates the poor?

What happened: One estimate puts the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak’s net worth at around $800 million, which is greater than