Pakistani dramas are Going too far with their r*pe &

Pakistan’s drama industry thrives on controversy and shock value, and it seems to be leading the charge with its insensitivity

“Labaik ya Rasool Allah” is enough to burn down the

In recent times, Pakistan has experienced a noticeable surge in strong religious feelings, which have frequently led to significant protests,

Wahaj Ali does it again, his new drama “22 Qadam”

22 Qadam is such a feel-good drama, you won’t be able to stop smiling. The green entertainment production, when you

Are you the same person on social media as you

Everybody we see around us has a social media account, and this is the world in which we all live.

Your helicopter parenting is f*cking up your children 

Have your parents ever gone to your school and told the teacher that a certain B or C grade can’t

Honor-killings in Pakistan: 1000 women murdered every year

According to Human Rights Watch, almost 1,000 women are murdered in Pakistan in the name of honour each year, killed

Pakistani Youth’s Battle Against Substance Abuse

The issue of drug addiction is increasingly concerning in Pakistan’s educational institutions, where students are exposed to various types of

The Plight of Street Children in Pakistan

This child, as old as 9 or 10 years maybe sitting barefoot on the road, with his small bouquets of

Karachi’s Underground Art Movement

More than just the bustle of daily life may be found when you enter the colourful streets of Karachi, Pakistan.

Is digital detox really helpful or just another trend?

The concept of a digital detox involves taking a break from electronic devices and social media platforms to recharge and