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Lyari is magic, Lyari is ‘Mini Brazil’

Once known as a violence-ridden neighbourhood, Lyari is now a hotbed of football fanatics which is why it is now hailed as ‘Mini Brazil.’ Guns

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Muslim ticket-holders of FIFA World Cup to get free visa for Umrah

What happened: Saudi Arabia has announced that Muslim holders of the FIFA World Cup tickets will be able to perform Umrah in the country without


Maria Khan named as captain of Pakistan football team for SAFF Women’s Championship

What happened: When the Pakistan Football Federation Normalisation Committee unveiled its 23-member roster for the regional tournament in Nepal on Aug 26, Maria was named

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What is the real reason behind the Lahore stadium’s AstroTurf removal? Here’s what we know so far

What happened: The Punjab government is currently getting a lot of criticism for removing National Hockey Stadium’s AstroTurf to cater Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) public demonstration.

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’Keep your trolls to yourself’ Hassan Ali and family’s vacation pictures are none of your concerns- note to trolls 

What happened: Three years after the star Pakistani pacer Hassan Ali posted his pre-wedding picture with his Indian-origin wife, Samiya, he was trolled back then too,

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FIFA World Cup 2022 will feature a Sialkot-made football ‘Al-Rihla’

What happened: The Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Senior Vice President Sheikh Zohaib Rafique Sethi, in a press briefing, said, “The Sialkot made football Al Rihla

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One for the history books: England scored 498, the highest ever score in ODI history

Details: The English cricket team scored the highest in the history of ODI against the Netherlands during the first ODI. As the publication quotes, “the father of

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Meet Faizan Sameer: the UEFA-certified manager who won’t settle unless Pakistan gets in FIFA World Cup

Recently, Team Propergaanda reached out to Faizan Sameer (@faizan.sameer), the manager of Team Eighteen who garnered everyone’s attention for becoming the 1st Pakistani to complete

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Perfect opportunity? Barcelona’s Camp Nou pitch can now be used as a wedding venue 

What happened: The cash-strapped Barcelona is now offering the Camp Nou pitch as a wedding venue for couples who are planning to have their weddings at

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Pakistan’s youngest footballer Abiha Haider to feature in FIFA Female Heroes documentary 

What happened: The Islamabad born Abiha Haider is the country’s youngest footballer as she joined the Pakistan football team at 13. FIFA has shared the inspiring