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Shikari har mard nahi, Shikaar har aurat tu hai

Mein samjhti rahi, “Maybe it is me. It may be the way I dress, I talk, I walk, I act. Obviously, why would people point

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The history of banned films and censorship of cinema in Pakistan

In the name of free speech, we’re calling for cinema censorship. What you need to know: Cinema is considered the greatest art form in the

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A misogynist and controversial Andrew Tate was finally banned from social media platforms!

What happened: The platforms banned a name that had been doing rounds on social media for his misogynistic remarks last month. Recently, the so-called influencer was

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It only took me 15 minutes to get famous!

Manipulated journalism to favor political interests? My 15 minutes to fame from an interview by a ‘drama channel’ who is apparently now reporting on current

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Hum jazbati qaum hain! We don’t prioritise education, shares Miftah Ismail 

What happened: During the program, Naya Pakistan, Finance Minister Miftah Ismail’s snippet went viral as he said, “Hum parhai kou tarjeeh nahi deity… Hum jazbati qaum hai

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Azaadi deen Aur Pakistan

Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) took out a thousand men strong rally from Liaquat Bagh to Faizabad Interchange for Independence Day. They are calling this one “Nazriya-I-Pakistan”

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From calling women responsible for Covid to being everyone’s ideal; Story of MTJ

Recently, Maulana Tariq Jameel has come under controversy, and it irks a controversy in my opinion, as politics and religion should be kept apart, but

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Not every Pakistani woman has a supportive family like Mahirah Khan did in this ad. How can we change this?

How important is it to have a supportive family? I’d say it is your back bone to say the least, something you could rely on.

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Domestic abuse a dilemma in Pakistani society; Moltyfoam perfectly highlights it by Mashaadi’22 

What happened: Pakistan is considered to be a male-dominant society where each of the things in the society is often dictated by the male members, indeed

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Dissecting the curious case of Lafangey banned and unbanned within days 

A Pakistani horror-comedy film starring Sami Khan and Mani got rejected right after its trailer launch by the Censor Board Committee. However, recently it has