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Let’s break it down! Is microwaving food bad for your health?

Microwaving food is generally considered safe and does not pose any inherent health risks. Microwaves work by emitting electromagnetic waves that excite water molecules in

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Apple Vision Pro – A mixed reality inviting mixed opinions

Apple announced the Vision Pro, its first augmented reality (AR) headset, at its 5 June WWDC keynote. The headset contains two leading-edge micro-OLED displays packing

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Ditching the Oil – Why Pakistanis are shifting towards an Air fryer?

In recent years, there has been a growing trend in Pakistan and many other countries towards using air fryers as an alternative to traditional cooking

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People are now using AI to talk to their dead loved ones

What happened: People process sadness and grief in different ways. And with the rise of AI, some people are using technology to deal with the

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Breathing Life into Art: Ali Fawad – The Visionary Sculptor Crafting Extraordinary Creatures and Characters

In the vast realm of artistry, where creativity knows no bounds, a masterful sculptor whose passion and talent transcend the conventional boundaries of imagination. Meet

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COLABS and Endeavor Pakistan Join Forces to Build Stronger Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Pakistan and Establish Endeavor Office in COLABS Lahore

Lahore, Pakistan – COLABS and Endeavor Pakistan are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate on ecosystem initiatives in

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Not time-telling but a life savior; Apple watch saved this woman who was buried alive by her husband

What happened: In Washington, an Apple Watch saved the life of a woman named Young Sook An whose husband, Chae Kyong An, stabbed her, duct-taped

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Swat’s first Technology Park becomes operational in Mingora 

What happened: The picturesque location of Swat, Mingora, gets its first-ever technology park, “as it was set up in Swat under a public-private partnership.” It has been set

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Sad news for Crypto bros; IS crypto firm Harmony hit by $100 million heist 

What happened: A US crypto firm Harmony in a statement, claimed that a heist by a hacker made them lose a hundred million US dollars worth of digital

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With no PayPal, Pakistan becomes the 3rd fastest growing market on Amazon 

What happened: With depleting economic reserves, Pakistan has still become the third fastest-growing market on the global marketplace of the American retail giant, Amazon. It is pertinent