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Talk about creativity, fashion and aesthetics and you can’t exclude Habiba Rahman

BazaarTalks: When it comes to digital content creators, very few personalities can justify their creativity and win the hearts of the audience. Among those few,

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Before you order another fit from Shein, here’s what you need to know..

What you need to know: With hundreds of online pages selling clothes from Shein in Pakistan, the fast fashion brand produces at least 10,000 clothes

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Balenciaga is selling worn out shoes for Rs.3 lacs. The question is; who would buy these?

What happened: Balenciaga has released its latest shoe line, which features 100 pairs of “extra destroyed” limited-edition sneakers. The unusual footwear are battered and worn

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Ertugral-famed actress Esra Bilgic starred in a Victoria’s Secret campaign and (apparently) Pakistani men are feeling ditched

What happened: On 19 March, Ertugral actress, Esra Bilgic, who is popularly known as Halima Sultan, took to her Instagram account where she shared her

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This 24 year-old woman made history by becoming first Victoria’s secret model with Down Syndrome

What happened: On Feb 17, NPR reported Sofa Jirau became the first model with Down syndrome to become a part of Victoria’s Secret newest Valentine

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5 beard oils available online in Pakistan

Men grooming products have recently grown in popularity with the introduction of beard grooming and styling products. The most popular among these new range of

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5 thrift stores selling used branded clothes for MEN

Why do only women get to have all the fun? We know all you boys have been waiting for this one so here you go.

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5 thrift stores selling used branded clothes for women

Thrift stores have kicked in at full throttle in the blink of an eye. Previously the market that Landas used to attract was very limited,

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5 affordable jeans under Rs. 900 from ELO

Are you out of jeans? Or maybe too broke to add to your jeans collection. Look no further because we have put together 5 super

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Ali Express Sweaters- Hit or Miss?

Recently a lot of people have been talking about Ali express and their women’s sweaters, which are great for casual day to day, wear. Their