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Let’s vow to show respect, care, and love for sacrificial animals this Eid instead of recording videos 

Opinion: In recent years, a trend has been seen mostly among the youth of Pakistan of recording sacrificial animals while they are being sacrificed. At the

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’Keep your trolls to yourself’ Hassan Ali and family’s vacation pictures are none of your concerns- note to trolls 

What happened: Three years after the star Pakistani pacer Hassan Ali posted his pre-wedding picture with his Indian-origin wife, Samiya, he was trolled back then too,


Ok don’t mock, but don’t glorify ALH either

Famous televangelist and former MNA, Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s demise has divided the country into two parties; people who are mourning him and ones who believe

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The takeouts from Depp vs Heard defamation trial for PAKISTANIs

Johnny Depp triumphs over the psychotic and deranged Amber Heard. Pakistan rejoices and celebrates his victory all over social media. Shares of the jury’s ruling

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This is Irfan Faiz. The prime suspect in Jazlan murder case

What happened: On May 26, 20 year-old Jazlan Faisal was shot dead and his friend Shahmir was injured inside Bahria Town, Karachi over a small

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‘NOW IT HAS TO STOP’ says philanthropist and digital creator Komal Shahid after receiving rape threats

What happened:  Recently, team ProperGaanda reached out to the digital creator Komal Shahid; as it was seen on her Twitter, she shared a screenshot of

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The PPP supporter Nazim Jokhio murdered in Sindh; What’s the update on the case? 

Details: Nazim Jokhio, a man in his 20s as he, approached his bid to digitally record the alleged rare bird hunting by the influentials of

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The self-proclaimed religious scholar Aamir Liaquat’s alleged obscene video leaked; internet calls him a ‘pervert’

What happened: On May 10, the self-proclaimed religious scholar of Pakistan, Aamir Liaquat Hussain, came under fire after an alleged leaked video of him showing

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Cowardly actions of a handful of people, Mustafa Nawaz Khohkar, demands an end to enforced disappearances

What happened:  A recent trend has been witnessed in different parts of Pakistan, where students from different universities are allegedly abducted, especially the Baloch people


The Paradox of Politics in Pakistan

We can sit for hours and unpack exactly what PTI has done wrong — and we should. PTI is also in the midst of an anti-American imperial struggle. Both coexist, and for the latter, we must lend them our support. I may dislike PTI but I am not so blinded by my emotions to pretend that the opposition is the better option.