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Rape or no rape, using it as clickbait is messed up!

Whether you and I agree or not, it is no joke that almost 21 million people watched the recent episode of Tere Bin. Best storytelling,

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People are now using AI to talk to their dead loved ones

What happened: People process sadness and grief in different ways. And with the rise of AI, some people are using technology to deal with the

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Patriarchy forced me to stay a daughter when all my parents needed was a son

Before I am called out for differentiating between a daughter and a son, I am sure deep down we all have heard and witnessed this


Vaping vs smoking: Which is the lesser of two evils for the cool kids?

Let’s talk about Gen-Z smoking and pretending to look cool, but trust me, you are putting your life in danger. That is not cool! Teenagers

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Fake News Seh Baz Ajao!

We are living in a world where news is fast and there is breaking news every few seconds. In this battle of breaking the latest

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Breathing Life into Art: Ali Fawad – The Visionary Sculptor Crafting Extraordinary Creatures and Characters

In the vast realm of artistry, where creativity knows no bounds, a masterful sculptor whose passion and talent transcend the conventional boundaries of imagination. Meet

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I knew choosing career over love would be worth it

Have you ever been in a situation when choosing a career over love was your dilemma? How would you know if choosing a career over

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Loud luxury doesn’t scream hotness: sometimes, it’s just pindi!

In recent times, we have witnessed a surge in the popularity of luxury brands among various individuals in Pakistan. From actors and vloggers to our

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Living a Life as an Atheist in Pakistan

Religion has always been something private for me. In Pakistan there is one group that has always been living underground and is rarely talked about

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How can you help a friend take therapy?

Are you concerned about a friend’s behavior or emotional state? Are you wondering if there is anything you can do to help? Yes, you can!