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Iron fortification – A dire need in Pakistan

Given the high prevalence of iron deficiency, limited dietary diversity, and the potential to improve maternal and child health, iron fortification has emerged as a

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Addressing population growth in Pakistan: Experts gather to discuss strategies for a brighter future

Population Experts and Government officials gathered in Islamabad to discuss improving population health in Pakistan. Islamabad, Pakistan – May 24, 2023 – Today marks the

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Why is “eating clean” trending, and should we feel guilted into adopting this lifestyle?

In recent years, there has been a growing obsession with the trend of “eating clean,” which involves consuming whole, unprocessed foods and avoiding foods that

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Dear society, being 30 is not an expiry date for a woman

Turning 30 and not getting married is still a big fuss in our society. As soon as girls hit their 20s, parents start searching for

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Drugs are so easily accessible to kids in Pakistan and that’s why they’re so fucked up

Drug consumption is a global issue that needs to be solved but in Pakistan, it has taken a serious turn. Schools in Pakistan have turned

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Here’s why Malala is coming to Lahore this week

What happened: Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai and her father Ziauddin Yousafzai, will visit Lahore this week for a series of meetings with media, students, government

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High-end designer supports ISL’s decision of censoring trans activist as her kids study there; here’s how Dr. Moiz replied

On Aug 17, high-end designer Maria Fatima Butt took to her Instagram stories to support ISL x TED’s decision of removing policy practitioner and trans-activist,

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CIRCLE and L’ORÉAL come together to celebrate graduates of the Digital Literacy program from Karachi

The women-led not-for-profit tech organization CIRCLE, collaborating with L’Oréal Fund for Women celebrated graduates of its Digital Literacy Program in Karachi this Tuesday with utmost gusto.

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This Lahore dentist is accused of misleading patients with fake Harvard degree

Note: Team Propergaanda reached out to Dr. Aleem Rehman for his side of the story but he didn’t reply. *Names have been changed to maintain

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4.7 million children in KPK are out of right now; here’s why it matters

Details: According to official sources in the E&SE Department, the figure of 15,000 new government schools appeared in the department’s internal assessment when it began