A Christian Student Was Just Beaten To Death. Why Is Nobody Talking About It?

Classmates of a 17-year-old Pakistani student from the persecuted Christian minority beat him to death last month in Punjab’s Vehari district allegedly for drinking water

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Pakistan-India Standoff Enters its 25,591st Day Today

You might want to sit down for this: This September 6, the Pakistan-Indian standoff has entered its 25,591st day. That’s 614,184 hours, 36,851,040 minutes and

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The 9 most WTF moments in recent Pakistani political history

There are countless moments in Pakistan’s political history that make us ROFLMFAO. Remember that time when the chief minister of Baluchistan, Nawaz Aslam Raisani said,

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The Fundamental Right to Music

Article 9 of the Constitution of Pakistan guarantees the right to life. This provision has been continually expanded by the Honorable Supreme Court to include

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4 Lessons From The Lawyers Riot

After the ruling given by the honorable Supreme Court based on the JIT investigation regarding the Panama case, the ex-Premier’s family and party workers dismissed

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7 Things Nawaz Sharif Absolutely Loves!

Nawaz Sharif might have been ousted as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, but that does not mean he’s out of the spotlight. After his recent


The curious case of Gulalai and the internet trolls

In a country rampant with misogynistic values and blatant androcentrism, it really isn’t hard to imagine women being slut shamed and their characters assassinated every

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Loveless Justice

Justice For The Sake Of It Accountability. Corruption. Words that had become meaningless in our discourse, the prevalence of the latter simply ingrained in our