3 of the most awaited music events happening in Karachi this month

March 1, 2022 0

Here are our top 3 picks.

1. Popzilla Fest

Attend a concert where Young Stunners and Hassan Raheem will be performing live at Port Grand.
Time: 26th March
Price: PKR 1500-4000
Tickets available: @ticketwalapk

2. Escape Electronic (@escapeelectronic)

Watch 3 internationals and 5 local DJs including Ciaran Mcauley, Drift Moon, Miss Jade, Neha Khan, Bilal Brohi, UNK Moeed Durrani, and Saad Khan to make your night memorable.
Time: 5pm on 26th March
Price: PKR 7000-8000 (standard ticket) and PKR 21000-215000 (group tickets)
Tickets available: @ticketwalapk @bookitnow.pk

3. Pink Sun (@pinksun.pk)

Local artists including Taha G, Asteria, and Raapta will be performing in this one of a kind event.
Time: 20th March
Price: PKR 2500-9000 (standard ticket) and PKR 5500-13500 (group tickets)
Tickets available: @ticketwalapk

Maham Asif
Maham Asif
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