47 foreign trips of Imran Khan in 3 years cost more than Rs203 million

47 foreign trips of Imran Khan in 3 years cost more than Rs203 million

January 5, 2022 0

What happened:

 A report on the details of PM Imran Khan’s foreign trips during three years was tabled in the Senate after the opposition requested it. The details of Imran Khan’s foreign trips from 2018 have been reported by different publications stating that the PM has made 47 trips since taking oath in 2018. The opposition members in the Senate had also staged a protest on December 29 demanding the details of PM’s foreign trips. 

The 47 foreign trips:

The report revealed that Imran Khan made three foreign trips in 2018 that cost nearly fifty million rupees, as the premier visited China, Malaysia, and the UAE. In 2019, the Prime Minister did a collective of 16 foreign visits at the cost of 116.91 million rupees. However, in 2020 Imran Khan only visited four countries which cost nearly 15 million rupees. While, in 2021, the premier paid a visit to five countries as DunyaNews quotes, “These foreign trips of the PM cost more than Rs. 276.2 million rupees.” 

What else:

However, before coming to power on different occasions Imran Khan had discouraged a PM’s foreign trips terming it, “A poor countries President and Prime Minister should not go on trips.” At the same time, Imran Khan had said that unnecessary expenditures on foreign trips should be made. 

Rana Abdullah Hammad
Rana Abdullah Hammad
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