5 Places in Lahore that will Satisfy your Cheesecake Cravings

5 Places in Lahore that will Satisfy your Cheesecake Cravings

November 24, 2021 0

Craving cheesecake? Here are some home based businesses in Lahore delivering cheesecakes of every flavour to your doorstep. Are you a chocolate enthusiast craving for nutella cheesecake or a lotus lover dying to have a good lotus cheesecake? These places are for you.

Here are our top 5 picks.

1. Anuvia (@anuvia.pk)

Anuvia has 5 and 9 inches cheesecakes in the flavours strawberry, blueberry, nutella and lotus.

Price: 1600-3300

2. Mysticakes (@mysticakes.lhr)

Mysticakes specialises in making cheesecakes. They have a wide variety of flavours including chocolate, red velvet, nutella, and Oreo among others in the mini sizes 3 and 4 inches and normal sizes 6 and 9 inches. 

Price: 300-9500

3. Made My Cake (@mademycake_sabahat)

Made my Cake by Sahabat Sabri makes one-size cheesecakes in flavours including fruit-topped, chocolate, and lotus.

Price: 2500-4000

4. Magical Whisk (@magical_whiskerr)

Magical Whisk has gained popularity despite starting a few months earlier. They have the flavours lotus, caramel, butterscotch, oreo and nutella as well as New York cheesecakes in the sizes 1 and 2.5 lbs.

Price: 1100-3600

5. The Sweet Rack (@thesweetrackcompany)

The Sweet Rack is not only making scrumptious cheesecakes but also delivering cakes, banana bread, tiramisu, cookies and tarts across Lahore.

Price: 580-4800

Maham Asif
Maham Asif
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