A true depiction of na deen na imaan: presenting Pakistan’s ‘religious’ scholar Aamir Liaquat

A true depiction of na deen na imaan: presenting Pakistan’s ‘religious’ scholar Aamir Liaquat

February 11, 2022 0

Who is Aamir Liaquat Hussain?

Comedian, primarily and then a Pakistani politician born on July 5, 1971, has been listed three times in the 500 influential Muslims worldwide, which is a concern for most Pakistanis. Apart from this, the now PTI lawmaker has been in the public headlines due to his comments as a religious scholar earlier when he hosted Alim online, then his Ramazan show became a hit due to the controversies surrounding the so-called religious scholar of Pakistan.

What you need to know:

Aamir Liaquat’s BA degree in Islamic Studies was also deemed fake by the HEC. Later in 2005 University of Karachi also declared his BA degree fake. However, the religious scholar claims that he had received an MBBS degree from Medical College Jamshoro, though that was also falsified. Subsequently, Aamir confessed to purchasing a fake degree from Ashwood University when the Axact case was highlighted in Pakistan. Aamir, in 2008, started his show Khatmay Nabuwat in which he criticized the Ahmadi community’s founder Mirza Ghulam Ahmad subsequently; it was alleged that due to Liaquat’s comments, two members of the Ahmadi community were gunned down in the country. 


In 2011, behind the scenes of his Alim Online, in which he hosted the show as a religious scholar, went viral in which he professed abusive language and mocked the religious beliefs of his guests. Amaan Ramazan transmission initiated by Liaquat was faced with criticism as it was alleged that he was handing over infants to different parents in the show. And the child welfare organizations of the country expressed their concerns and raised questions on Liaquat’s acts. It was not long before the so-called trendsetter of Ramazan shows and the religious scholar turned a social media personality was banned by PEMRA in 2017, later lifted in 2018 only to be banned in later till 2020. 

Allegations against Aamir Liaquat, especially by his former wife:

Two children from his reported first wife, Syeda Bushra Aamir later marriage ended in separation. Aamir was alleged that he cheated on Bushra, as his daughter in 2018 tweeted, “Cheating is not a mistake, it’s a choice.” Subsequently, his tweets regarding women and crediting the “ungrateful” women for a rise in divorce cases got him the label of “Womanizer” from the social media users. At the same time, Haniya Khan, in mid-2021, after Liaquat had married Tuba, alleged, “Aamir is my husband. We were married and Tuba used black magic to harm her.” Aamir Liaquat denied the allegations despite a leaked video showing Aamir’s conversation with Tuba. 


However, Aamir Liaquat, in his various conversations, has used the religious card to justify his actions, such as a report suggesting that he alleged Bushra abused the “Syed” family. At the same time, in his various viral videos, he had used the religious card to justify his point of view. Most of the “sane” and “intellectual” minds of the Pakistani society credit him as a person who needs help but is not willing to get it, and “Aamir is someone who is an opportunist just like any other politician. He is a person who definitely does not reflect Pakistan’s society. A person who first criticizes later apologizes for his actions showing no remorse, talking about the minorities in an extremist manner is what Aamir does the best.” 

Rana Abdullah Hammad
Rana Abdullah Hammad
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