Amid fear of losing government, Khan’s tone mellows down as PM faces no-confidence motion

Amid fear of losing government, Khan’s tone mellows down as PM faces no-confidence motion

March 21, 2022 0

What happened:

Over the past few weeks, there has been a variety of tones used in Imran Khan’s speeches and statements by his MNAs and MPAs, as from playing on the front foot, they have divulged to take a back step and try to play around with the emotions of Pakistanis, by hitting right where it hits. The Speaker of the National Assembly’s role has also come under question. Reports suggested that he had remarked a few things of concern and is going against Article 6 of the constitution as he delays calling for NA’s session.


Starting off his journey from the Governor house speech in Karachi, Khan clearly called out the opposition members, “Shoowbaz boot polisher,” and other derogatory remarks which raised a few eyebrows, but later the mellowed tone and plans of reconciliation with disgruntled members of the PTI rang a bell in the country. At the same time, a few political commentators again claimed that there was a rift between military-civil relationships, as the top leadership hadn’t met Khan, until reports claimed that on March 18, top military leadership met Khan.

The reason behind mellowed tone:

In my opinion, the evidently worrying tone now of Imran Khan is depicting his twitchiness and anxiety of losing the Prime Ministership, as most MNAs are now coming out on TV screens to speak out against Khan. Moreover, in his last-ditch effort the so-called ply of “religious card” has been used by Khan one too many times, by speaking about the Ahmedi community and then along the lines saying that “God has instructed to stand against corrupt elements and corrupt rulers.” At the same time, before coming to power, Khan evidently used the right-wing group of TLP to try his bid in overturning the government, while now, the same wing stood against Khan’s policy, and has highlighted by Omer Azhar Bhatti too, “No matter what card Khan plays now, he has to go.”

Rana Abdullah Hammad
Rana Abdullah Hammad
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