Birmingham University researchers find Muslims to be the second ‘least-liked’ group in UK

Birmingham University researchers find Muslims to be the second ‘least-liked’ group in UK

January 25, 2022 0

What happened:

According to a new study by researchers at Birmingham University, Muslims are the second “least liked” community in the UK. The survey discovered that one in every four Britons has a bad opinion about Muslims and Islam with over 25.9% people expressing negative feelings toward Muslims, with under 10% having “extremely bad feelings.” 

The survey:

In a survey of 1,667 respondents, significantly more Britons held unfavourable views of Islam than other religions. Nearly 18.1% of Britons favour prohibiting all Muslim immigration to the UK, with 9.5% saying they “strongly approve” the notion. The survey discovered that while Britons are eager to pronounce judgement on Islam, they are exceedingly unlikely to have any true understanding of the religion. “A majority of British adults say they are ‘not sure’ how Jewish (50.8%) and Sikh (62.7%) scriptures are taught,” according to the poll. “However, when it comes to Islam, people are willing to make a judgement, with only 40.7% doubtful.” 

Rise in Islamophobia:

“The conclusion that Britons know less about Islam yet are more eager to judge it says a lot about how prejudice works,” according to Dr. Stephen Jones, the study’s author and researcher. Jones further stated that Islamophobia has become socially acceptable in the United Kingdom as people openly and readily accept their anti-Muslim prejudice in a way that they are unlikely to do with other religious or ethnic groups, which is why the research calls it “dinner table prejudice.”

Mahnoor Tariq
Mahnoor Tariq
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