Box Park’s Cheetos sliders are giving KFC a run for its money

Box Park’s Cheetos sliders are giving KFC a run for its money

January 6, 2022 0

Box Park (@boxpark.lhr) is your go to place for comfort food when on a budget. The new restaurant that opened in Phase 6, DHA in Lahore last year is serving Chicken Tacos for (Rs. 600/-) and Cheetos Sliders (Rs. 600/-).

Here are 8 reviews!

  1. Inzar Gul Yazdani stated in a food review in Facebook group Foodies R Us, “Tried the tacos at boxpark pico, and absolutely loved them. Juicy to the core and generously packed. Served best while hot otherwise they turn soggy. The taste was exquisite and quite flavourful. It’s a startup and they have excellent customer care. For just Rs.500/- you get served a box of three tacos enough for 1-2 persons.”
  1. Anum Aftab stated in a food review in Facebook group Foodies R Us, “I saw this new place BoxPark in Phase 6 DHA and thought to give it a try. Got a few items, Peri Bites, Cheetos Sliders, Wrap, Loaded fries, Burger (don’t remember the name). The staff was really friendly and the food was delicious. Packaging was also really nice. Their cheetos sliders and Burger were phenomenal. Loaded fries were average. Overall I would rate this place an 8. Do give this place a try for burgers.”
  1. Jawad F. Naik stated in a food review in Facebook group Foodies R Us, “Tried Boxpark Pico’s soft shell tacos last night. And I must say they are a comfort food fix, I really loved the taste, the sauce was nice and the portion size was good according to the price. Overall I would give them a solid 9/10. The only thing that bugged me that my order was freshly made but cold. I specifically ordered a takeaway and was there before the appointed time.I have tried everything from their menu and i must say! Go eat the soft shell ?!!!!!!!!”
  1. Khurram Maqbool stated in a food review in Facebook group Foodies R Us, “Aoa! It’s my first post ever in this group. Recently I came across this newly opened wonderful place, box park, ambiance 10/10 fillet burger 10/10, lotus biscoff is mouth watering. A must try.”
  1. Food blogger Furqan Mazhar (@doctalksfood) stated in a food review, “Ordered their Tacos and Cheetos Sliders. The food was delivered within 20 minutes unsurprisingly, and was packed nicely enough. The tacos are a fairly unique menu item in the city even today, despite being very in line with our Desi taste buds with regards to their flavour profile. Their tacos had fried chicken in them, which was crispy and perfectly cooked, though a tad under-seasoned when tasted on its own. The salsa was fresh, crunchy and slightly tangy – it complimented the chicken well. The sauces too made the taco a thoroughly enjoyable experience, however I’d want a little bit more heat and acidity to these. The only thing I’d change would be to add a kick of spice to these tacos, or at least have the option available for those who want it. The Cheetos sliders used very good quality buns. The sauce was ample. However, again the chicken here was under-seasoned despite the Cheetos coated crust. Not bad for the price, which was Rs. 600 for three sliders and another Rs. 600 for three pretty stuffed tacos, but there is room for improvement on the sliders. The tacos are definitely worth a try.”
  1. Ayfer (@gluttonysays) stated in a food review, “New Favourite Place in Town. Chicken Tacos (10/10) (Rs. 600) These were super fresh and sooo yum! ? The chicken was crispy and not soggy at all from all the sauces. The taste was simply amazing. These were very filling and very light on the pocket as well. Cheetos Sliders (8/10) (Rs.600) These were also very tasty and the cheese sauce tasted exactly like the one at KFC! Definitely recommended! ?”
  1. Food blogger Fats Grub (@fats_grub) stated in a food review, “Boxpark is a new restaurant in phase 6 DHA and is famous for their Cheeto sliders. The box is for 500rps and has three mouth watering sliders in it. The slider patty had a good covering of flaming hot Cheetos and were fried to perfection. The sauce poured over the cheeto patties made the delectable sliders taste even better.”
  1. Food blogger Fats Grub (@fats_grub) stated in a food review, “Have already done a review for their Cheetos sliders but this time tried their tacos and peri peri bites and thought it does deserve another review. Their peri peri bites were out of this world. Have tried many but these bites were exceptional because even the insides were filled with creamy sauce (be careful while eating, i spoiled my clothes trying the first one). Also the dip with them was delicious. As for the tacos, they weren’t on the menu but the waiter told us that they were also available so we ordered them as well. They called them tacos but I’ll call them more 9f a wrap as the outside shell wasn’t hard but again they were extremely flavorful and had more of a desi touch which i loved!”
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