“Culprits” torture and drag an elderly woman on a land dispute in Sialkot

“Culprits” torture and drag an elderly woman on a land dispute in Sialkot

January 10, 2022 0

What happened:

On January 9, a viral video on Twitter showed an elderly woman being dragged on the streets as they grabbed her by the hair and kicked her. The video was shot in Sialkot, and the culprits can be seen beating the elderly woman with sticks. At the same time, another woman who is apparently recording is heard saying, “Now tell me! Speak up now,” as she continues to hurl abuse at the elderly woman. The elderly woman is quoted by a local publication saying, “The incident arose due to a land dispute, and I had that land for the past 13 years.” 


Further adding, the elderly woman said, “The culprits banged my house door, forced their way in, and dragged me through the streets to the public square where they tortured me.” She also urged that “I seek justice and the arrest of these people.” On the other hand, Usman Buzdar and the IG Police have ordered an immediate arrest of the suspects, and The News quotes the CM as, “Those involved in this crime do not deserve any concessions.” 


Subsequently, the social media users have called on the government to take severe action against the culprits; as Usama Qayyum tweeted, “Sialkot has become a hotbed of violence as this is not the first case of humiliation. Last month, Sri Lanka’s factory manager was beaten to death. Government’s Human Rights department is requested to stop them!” Daily Pakistan Global’s report suggests that the nine involved suspects were arrested after CM Buzdar’s action. 

Rana Abdullah Hammad
Rana Abdullah Hammad
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