Deja’s Tea or Manji ki Chai?

November 26, 2021 0

Are you a chai person? Do you like drinking chai in a good ‘mohal’ or do you just like the taste. Would you be willing to spend a little extra just so the chai looks a little pretty and is served in a cute cup? or do you like the Pakistani manji chai environment, served in the normal local cup. Deja in Sui gas is a cute little bakery cafe that sells good quality tea served in cute small cups. The Munji Manch is the exact opposite, Manji is a typical chai area, tea is served in those typical clear cups.

Deja by Khadija

Deja is a small bakery/cafe, that serves different food items focusing more on the bakery element. Deja’s Karak Chai is priced at PKR 180 and is served in a cute little teapot and matching teacup. Served in their small cafe, giving you the complete bakery vibe.

The Manji Munch

Manji Munch is a traditional desi food restaurant, with an environment inspired by truck art, giving you that typical Pakistani vibe. Their Karak Chai is priced at PKR 80 and is served in a small clear glass that you find at Khokas.


Deja’s tea is double the price of Manji Munch’s. If you are someone who likes a cute elegant vibe and would not mind paying a bit more to enjoy the environment then Deja is your place. If you would like to enjoy an affordable cup of tea with a desi environment then Manji Munch is your pick.

Vaneezae Malhi
Vaneezae Malhi
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