Female students of PGC harassed by male bystanders after principal ‘forced’ them to leave campus 

Female students of PGC harassed by male bystanders after principal ‘forced’ them to leave campus 

June 2, 2022 0

Background: As the students of Punjab Group of Colleges’ 2nd-year students had their farewell day, the administration reportedly was vigilant if students carried any snow sprays or related stuff. However, a student from the college approached ProperGaanda and reported the incident as she said, “Though the administration stopped us and forced us out of the university to celebrate our last day.” She added, “The college guards deployed outside are there to keep a check on students ignored, that a Rickshawala and a Qingchi wala kept staring at the group of girls, standing outside.” 

The incident: The anonymous student from PGC added, “We were being catcalled while standing outside, not only by other male students but by, van walas, rickshawala, and qingchi wala.” While she also claimed, “One of the rickshawala started doing the obscene/mastur*b*ting.” However, she also claimed that students were then refused entry to the college, and “guards sirf deikh rhay thay, kr kuch bhi nahi rhy thay..” 

What did the principal say before forcing female students out of the university?

In the interview with ProperGaanda, the anonymous student shared, “Wouh keh rhi thay kay jou last day pr app harkatein kryngy, shirt signing weghira bahir jaa kr loug kia kahyngy.” 

Anonymous user’s message: 

“This is just absurd abuse of power, and the administration can’t force her outside the college just to get harassed. The misogynistic remark by the principal towards burka-clad students were: ab andr aa kar agr bhurkha utar dia hai, toh bahir bhi aisay jaiye, ab koi bhurkha phen rhy.”

Rana Abdullah Hammad
Rana Abdullah Hammad
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