Flamin’ Hot Soundfest VS Rhythm Fest

November 30, 2021 0

This weekend was an exciting weekend for the Lahori community. After the pandemic two of the biggest music fests took place. The Flamin’ Hot Soundfest on the 27th of November and the Rhythm Fest on the 28th of November. Both events had great lineups and sold out tickets.

Flamin’ Hot Soundfest

The Flamin’ Hot Soundfest was organised by @jbnjaws and had Pakistans rising musicians perform. This music fest took place at The Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort in Lahore. Their lineup included Hassan Raheem, Shamoon Ismail and Maanu, with an opening performance by Taha G and a finale performance by Umair Jaswal. Their tickets were priced at PKR 2500 for girls, PKR 4500 for couples and PKR 10,000 for groups of 5 (3 girls + 2 boys). This event was sponsered by Kurkure, Lays and Cheetos

Rhythm Fest

Rhythm fest was organised by a group of youngsters from Lahore. This music fest took place on the 28th of November at Royal Palm Golf and Country Club. There were various opening performers before the main lineup. The main lineup included Hassan Raheem, Young Stunners, and Iqbal. A few of the other performers included Omar Mukhtar, Danyal Zafar, Alemam Elghandour and Raamis. Their normal ticket was priced at PKR 1500 and their VIP ticket was priced at PKR 6500.

The Rhythm Fest was said to have oversold the tickets. The gates of Royal Palm were overcrowded with people trying to jump the gates. The Canal Road was said to be blocked due to traffic and people had to park their cars and walk to the gate. Due to the tickets being oversold, the inside area was also overcrowded which caused injuries. Along with this, it was said that due to the tickets being sold openly to everyone, there was no crowd control which further caused fights inside and outside the event. It was also said that a lot of people who had bought the tickets could not make it inside.

The Flamin’ Hot Soundfest was well organised. There was complete crowd control. Everyone who had a ticket was accommodated and entered. The event was said to have gone pretty smoothly with everyone who attended to have had a great time.

Vaneezae Malhi
Vaneezae Malhi
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