‘How to get away with murder’ starring Pakistani feudal politicians

‘How to get away with murder’ starring Pakistani feudal politicians

April 15, 2022 0
Image: Dawn

A fair verdict on Nazim Jokhio murder seems to be disappearing into thin air as primary accused in the case, Pakistan People’s Party MNA Jam Karim and MPA Jam Awais’ names were removed from the charge sheet recently. The 27 year-old citizen journalist paid the price for stopping their Arab guests from illegal hunting of endangered houbara bustards. The deceased bruised and tortured body was found outside the politician’s farmhouse at Malir, Karachi in Nov 2021.

The outcome is seen to be getting influenced by the Sindh High Court as they keep extending Karim’s bail who fled to Dubai shortly after he was nominated by Nazim’s elder brother, Afzal Jokhio, whereas Awais is currently in judicial custody. In the sheet submitted by investigation officer Siraj Lashari on Apr 13, suspects named Haider, Mairaj and Niaz, is all that’s remaining on it.

PPP has a tainted past when it comes to misuse of feudal power, it can fight and stand against the violation of constitution all it wants, but it seems to be a ruse as the provision of justice and equality is what democracy requires. Mind you, MNA Karim was also granted a 10-day protective bail by SHC just so he can come back and vote on the no-confidence motion against the former government.

Shireen Jokhio, Nazim’s widow, pardoned the suspects, saying she’s doing so for the sake of her children’s safety and has left the matters in Allah’s hands, “In Pakistan, there’s no justice.” The unfortunate woman knows if these goons get charged, she and her children won’t see the light of the day.

Journalists, law students, activists are furious over the horrible delay of justice as Junaid Mohammed tweeted: “It’s time with journalists ask Bilawal Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari why they have not publicly condemned these accused members of their party and what orders they gave to get justice for Nazim Jokhio, in a province where their party is in power.”

It’s shameful to say the least that the Sindh administration’s deafening silence is enough to cover up for the influential people and how there’s no accountability for the heinous crimes they commit.

Mahnoor Tariq
Mahnoor Tariq
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