Is Meemu’s Kitchen the Burning Brownie of Lahore?

Is Meemu’s Kitchen the Burning Brownie of Lahore?

January 7, 2022 0

Meemu’s Kitchen (@meemuskitchenpk), the new dessert place in Y block, Lahore, has everything from cakes, donuts, cupcakes and cheesecakes to much more!

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1. Ambreen Jamal stated in a food review on Foodies r us, “This time I went to Meemu’s Kitchen for coffee. Ordered Caramel Latte with extra whipped cream and it was fab? They have really good desserts so now choose your own combo; coffee with donut or coffee with brownie. Do check out their page for amazing deals which are valid for the same day only.”

2. Kainat Malik stated in a food review on Foodies r us, “My first time at Meemu’s Kitchen?? What a delicious place to meet up with friends for a coffee.? ☕️Super cute place with amazing pastries. The staff is friendly and helpful. Excellent selection of donuts, pastries and cupcakes. ??If you love sweet treats, you need to visit this place guys?”

3. Ayesha Malik stated in a food review on Foodies r us, “Meemu’s Kitchen  never fails to impress with amazing taste and quality of products. Offering a variety of delicious products like Cupcakes, Cheese cakes?, Doughnuts?, Brownies, Layered Sundaes, Customized Cakes? and Coffees☕ Had their Hazelnut Latte and it was perfect! Just the way I like my coffee. Do try?

4. Jaweria Usman stated in a food review on Foodies r us, “Was invited to this new dessert place in DHA a few days ago. Well no, actually my friend was invited and I just tagged along? (thankew Myne)…such a cute little place ? Loved their blueberry sundae(it’s a layered dessert.. ) and the galaxy sundae(again a layered dessert). Worth a try. ?

5. Minahil Noor stated in a food review on Foodies r us, “If you’re a dessert lover like me, Meemu’s kitchen is the right place for you ?The ambiance is so freakin’ cute ?  I tried their Galaxy sundae and Oreo Brownie and I’ll be lying if I don’t say that these two tasted like heaven ??

6. Rai M Azlan stated in a food review on Foodies r us, “Found this cute little place in DHA Z block! While Meemu’s Kitchen is quite a “gramable” place with their ambiance and decor, I actually really liked their red velvet cupcake which was not way too sweet and the Nutella Doughnuts. One fine bakery cafe it is.”

7. ShahRukh Waheed stated in a food review on Foodies r us, “I must say the ambiance, hospitality by the staff, accessibility and the taste is simply mind blowing. Also, they are offering the best Cheesecakes in Lahore. I can easily say Burning Brownie in ISB has a very strong rival in Lahore now. The prices are so good that it’s been 4 days since I have been going there with my little sisters and family and we come back with hands full of big bags full of sweet treats.

Must try, 1) Lotus Cheesecake 2) Nutella/Galaxy Sundae Cup 3) And almost all there donuts and cupcakes. Way to go Meemu’s Kitchen loved it to bits, will visit again and again. Congratulations on the launch and wish you guys super success. Every foodie and sweet tooth person it’s a MUST visit. Strong 10/10 from me.”

8. Aamal Nauman stated in a food review on Foodies r us, “Tried this cute lil bake shop Meemu’s Kitchen dha Z block. And omg I must say it’s so yummy. We tried every bit from each category. I would say I fell in love with their Lotus cream cheese donut, skillet cookie dough, double chocolate cup, Nutella cupcake, walnut fudge brownie, walnut tart… Bakiyan de te naa v pul Gaye menu. Gal smjh aagai na …bs. Layers nu pul jaoge… Prices are se as layers wali bakery … Taste is better ??? Jao Khao te dasso…”

9. Fakhra Khan stated in a food review on Foodies r us, “If you are a sweet tooth you must visit Meemu’s Kitchen I totally in love with their cheesecake because that’s texture and taste both are very balanced. Second Fav was their lotus cheese filled donut the filling quantity was more than. Expectation and inside cheesy cream consistency was moderate which allows you to chew it normally with donut. I also fall in love with their nutella double chocolate its sponge was gooey and chocolate start melting into your mouth quickly ? Walnut tart was … Aahooo too ? Best place to hang out with friends and kids.”

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