“It helps relieve body pains,” says an Indian man after taking 11 Covid-19 jabs

“It helps relieve body pains,” says an Indian man after taking 11 Covid-19 jabs

January 7, 2022 0

What happened:

A 65 year old man living in India’s Bihar state, in a video, claimed that he had been jabbed with Covid vaccine 11 times. In the viral video, Brahmadeo Mandal says, “I never fell ill since I started taking the vaccine and my health has started to improve.” At the same time, Brahmadeo claimed, “11 doses of the Covid vaccine has helped me fight many diseases and relieved my body pain to a great extent.” 


 Brahmadeo is a retired postman and, in the viral video, he said that the Covid vaccinations have helped him stay healthy as he suffered no adverse effects. On the other hand, Bihar’s health officials have launched an investigation of the matter, and one of the officials is quoted as, “We have already found evidence that he took eight jabs from four places.” 


Another Bihar’s health official is quoted by BBC as, “Early investigations found that Mr. Mandal had managed to take two jabs in a half-hour gap on the same day and each of these jabs was registered on the online portal.” Whereas, the former postman had kept handwritten notes of timings, dates, and camps where he was jabbed. Nearly 65% of India’s eligible population is vaccination is fully vaccinated and 91% of India’s population has received one dose of the vaccination. 

Rana Abdullah Hammad
Rana Abdullah Hammad
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