Karachi Hot N Spicy vs. Karachi Silver Spoon

Karachi Hot N Spicy vs. Karachi Silver Spoon

November 24, 2021 0

If you are a roll paratha lover you have definitely been at some point faced with the problem of choosing between Hot n Spicy and Silver Spoon. Both the restaurants have been around since the beginning of time and serve almost the exact same menu. It’s easier to pick a spouse than to choose between which ones Mayo Cheese Jumbo Roll do you want to have on a late Saturday night. We’re going to settle this once and for all. We’ve been waiting a long time for this. We know you have been too.

The greatest rivalry in the world of Paratha rolls is that of Hot N Spicy and Silver Spoon. They have both been serving mouth watering food-gasmic roll parathas for as long as I can remember. Both the restaurants have almost the same prices too, with Karachi Silver Spoon Rs.10-20 higher more on some rolls.


I am a big fan of Malai Cheese Rolls and this alone is what I’ve had most from Hot n Spicy and Silver Spoon both. I started off with Hot n Spicy in 2010. In fact Hot N Spicy was the restaurant that made me fall in love the Malai Cheese Roll in the first place. Their Jumbo Roll used to have 2 seekhs of malai boti smothered in a mixture of cheese and cream giving it a very slight sweet taste that used to compliment the malai botis perfectly. The OG imli ki chatni that they used to serve with this would make the meal a complete 10/10.

Hot n spicy would’ve been the undisputed king of rolls if they would have maintained the same quality to date. However sadly they didn’t and somewhere around 2016-2017 their rolls started getting less interesting. The reduced the number of botis in a jumbo roll and the imli ki chatni just turned into a weird bihari chatni-ish sauce. The malai and cheese in the roll also got less in quantity. It was the downfall of Hot n Spicy that led me to Karachi Silver Spoon Liberty one day. And the moment I took the first bite of their Malai Cheese roll it took me back to 2010. The same soft malai boti, slightly crispy paratha (a new bonus point) and 2 chatnis served alongside (1 meethi chatni and 1 imli ki chatni). I fell in love immediately. I’ve been having Silver Spoon ever since and the quality has stayed the same to date (apart from only 1-2 occasions where they’ve messed it up but that’s negligible).  I even tried Hot n Spicy a few times in between with the hope that maybe just maybe their quality would have returned and I could return to my first love but to no avail.

I tried other rolls at silver spoon too and each one of their rolls turned out to be more flavorful, more filling and just more pleasing.


So there you have it folks, Silver Spoon is the undisputed winner of this battle. Please note that Silver Spoon has a branch in DHA H Block too but it does not serve the same 10/10 rolls as their branch in Liberty.

Syed Muhammad Qasim Mehdi
Qasim Mehdi
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