Make a bold statement with these 5 unique accessories

February 22, 2021 0

Accessories we own are a form of expression that reflects our personality. But what if the boring items we own don’t match your personality?

If you’re sick of the usual, boring wearable accessories and want to jazz up your collection, all whilst supporting small local businesses, then we’ve put together the perfect list of creatives making original, statement pieces. Let these unique accessories help you channel your true inner self.

1. Gum Gum (@_gum.gum)

Bakhtawar Jamil’s sculpted air-dry clay rings will enhance your personality, style and looks. The coolest bad boys, or as Bakhtawar likes calling them ‘Clay babies’ are the result of her boredom with alternative art mediums. The quality of Jamil’s products is highly enduring; they’ll wear in instead of wearing out. Her trippy art style and good eye for color scheming will make you add these rings to your list of ‘Most Loved Accessories’. Do you have a hard time showcasing your inner wackiness? Let these rings do the job instead!

2. Jewels By Aisha (@jewelsbyaisha)

A media and communications graduate turned her passion into a business for the better. Aisha makes the most intricate jewelry pieces out of brass wire. She offers a range of ready-to-order, made-to-order and customizable pieces. Each piece of hers is made with great attention to detail. This jewelry Aphrodite is definitely making a fashion statement in the industry. 

3. Usama Latif (@usama_latif157)

The low-poly paper world is like a game of minecraft for 3D artists; it helps them unleash their creativity. And that is exactly what 21 year old Usama Latif decided to do when he could not find face masks inspired by his favorite video games. These otherworldly masks are hand made out of exported, textured low poly paper. Each low poly mask has a surgical mask fitted on the inside. So just like it is in the world of video games;  these masks are going to be your protectors and disguises. Coordinate your outfits with these face masks and look like the sci-fi video game character that could never look slicker.

4. Stems and petals (

An 18 year old college dropout, Fatima Ali’s journey with handmade resin jewelry started on a whim, in 2020. By the time her first ever batch of 9 hand picked flower pendants sold out, she undoubtedly wanted to grow and make a stable income out of the business. Ali has a variety of delicate, handmade jewelry for you to choose from but she mainly focuses on working with fresh, handpicked flower pendants and phone cases. The jewelry pieces are categorized into three general areas; resin-made pendants, high end geode stone lockets and wire wrapped jewelry. These wonderful accessories from Stems and Petals can be pulled off on any occasion.

5. Oye Pin’d (@oye.pind)

Sophiya, Ausaf and Ahmed are LUMS graduates aiming to define what it truly means to be desi. The creative brains behind ‘Oye Pin’d’; Pakistan’s first ever enamel pin company, are making Pakistani’s cackle with their quirky designs.Their best-selling ‘Top pops’, ‘Oh bhens’ and ‘Pakola’ enamel pins will help you channel your inner desi and add flair to your everyday outfits. 

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Safa Abdul Karim
Safa Karim