McDonald’s fries VS KFC fries

November 26, 2021 0

Fries is something you can eat anywhere at any time, no matter how full you are. Fries is just always a go-to. Some people prefer thin-cut fries, some prefer curly fries. Hands down, Mcdonalds has always had the best fries. Their fries have always been perfectly cooked. What people are missing is that KFC has up their game. KFC’s fries never had the mogo, they were always considered mediocre.


Since the start, the fries that Mcdonalds served were always perfect. Perfectly cooked, the right amount of salt and just giving an amazing taste. Mcdonald’s never compromised on their fries, every time you get their fries, they will always taste the same.


KFC was never the go-to for fries, they were always popular for their fried chicken. Some people would not even get their fries because they would either be tasteless or not cooked perfectly. Recently KFC started selling really good fries, crispy and superbly cooked. They also started offering masala fries and their garlic mayo dip. The combination of all just made it the right pick.


KFC sells their fries bucket with mayo PKR 290. McDonald’s large fries are sold for PKR 340. There is not a major price difference but KFC’s bucket surely does have more fries than Mcdonalds large fries. Before KFC brought their fries up, it would seem like the better option to pay a little more and enjoy good fries, but now that KFC’s fries have gotten much better KFC seems like the better option.

Vaneezae Malhi
Vaneezae Malhi
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