Nai Revolution Purana Churan?

April 15, 2022 0

On 11th April, Shireen Mazari retweeted poster signs saying “Itni Vigo kahan se lao ge” – bold and brave one might call it, in a country stricken with a string of missing people cases and midnight raids into people’s homes. Especially considering she’s the ex-human right minister, but as always in Pakistani politics there’s a catch. 

She’s the same minister who a moment ago was very much okay with the opposing social media activists (young kids by the way) being picked up in the wee hours of the night, or broad day sunlight, they really didn’t give a shit, they really didn’t. When the issue was raised it was shut down with blatant ignorance by the honourable human rights minister, and PTI’s official social media wing was used to shut down any sign of dissent. Obviously all that was acceptable and the vigos were even deemed necessary when they had the support of the boots. 

Shireen and rest of the ex-ruling party was also silent when opponents were being arrested right before 2018 elections and media vocal on armed forces involvement was being blatantly shut down. Many prominent journalists like Hamid Mir, Talat Hussain to name a few were not allowed to do live shows. Many other critically prominent journalists also lost their jobs. This by no means undermines PTI’s current protest against Bajwa and the newly formed government. Because Pakistani politics is not based on principles of truth and progress, rarely any country’s politics is, to be honest. It’s about the survival of the fittest, who manoeuvres the Army the best. 

But all that changes when the support goes away or as the other side likes to call it “neutral” but a wise man once said, “neutral toh kutta hota hai bhai.”

Leading upto present day. Enemy of my enemy is indeed my friend but the problem here is Khan sahab is not going after the whole enemy, he’s going after a faction of it. He wants Bajwa to go and Faiz to replace him who, according to Khan sahab, would be much favourable upon the truth seeker party. The problem with this is that you’re replacing one evil with another. If you want an actual revolution then go after them all. Faiz was the right hand man of Bajwa under which all the dissent was curbed by hook or more hooks. Literally. Then there was Asif ghafoor who ran a massively successful campaign to white wash all this. General Bajwa who made promises under the good will of having powerful military friends. How all of them facilitate TLP protests and let them go scott free. Go after them all and sure I’ll call this a revolution. 

Even today in this environment of hard rhetoric against the forces, PTI ministers don’t have the nerve to call them out. Not a single one. Revolutions aren’t brewed behind curtains and in subtle lingo, it’s direct and it’s demanding. 

This is not to call the Sharifs saints, far from it, they’ve also throughout history bent over for the army when it suited them and kept a selected rhetoric only to shamelessly vote for the extension of the same person. It’s the same TLP and extremist outfit who had a very cozy relationship with the PMLN leadership when TLP seemed more like vote grabbing opportunity then a lunatic extreme right congregation. Even now they have the majority they can ask the COAS to step down amid the widespread controversy, the same guy PML-N said facilitated the 2017 elections. But you and I both know chances of that happening are unlikely, gotta get that diplomatic passport to baray Mian Saab you know. 

If COAS cares about the integrity of the Armed forces, he should step down seeing the unstable situation the country is in. 

Unfortunately none of these things would happen, you see the curse of Pakistan hasn’t been that every leader has been corrupt or malicious, it’s that we have never been able to identify the real enemy. We do in phases, in secrecy behind closed doors, with people we trust. It’s because no leader has been bold enough, literally not a single one. Hence actions not words, and if words choose ones that will have real impact werna phair har wari..…….boots.

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