Need a present? Here’s a list of locally sourced gifts for December babies

Need a present? Here’s a list of locally sourced gifts for December babies

November 25, 2020 0

December is the month of birthdays, if your own birthday isn’t in December then you definitely know multiple people who are born in December. So it can be tough having to find so many different gifts, which is why we have curated this list of wonderful presents that can be found locally.

Busy Daisyy:

Busy Daisyy makes lovely hand painted painted clay dishes and earrings. A jewelry dish or earrings would be a nice little present that you won’t find commercially. And, it won’t break the bank either as many of the products are under Rs. 1000.


Moonbase makes personalised star maps, which would be an incredibly thoughtful way of marking special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays. You provide them with the date, time and location of the occasion you want to mark and they will create a map of the stars at that time. Price ranges from Rs. 5,999- 12,499. And, they offer free delivery nationwide.


NOHO makes trendy and stylish jewellry. Their designs are always on trend and they offer a wide variety of jewelry. Plus, their pieces are affordable as they’re in the Rs. 1,500-2,000 range.

House of Cali:

House Cali makes hand embroidered cushions depicting famous artworks from around the world. Their cushions are of the finest quality and guaranteed to be unique pieces. They are expensive as some of their pieces can go up to Rs. 25, 000. So, a piece from house of Cali would be a present for those only very special to you.

Pierre Gemme by HUR:

Pierre Gemme by HUR are a feminist storytelling jewelry startup. They make beautiful earrings based on the stories of inspiring women from around the world. All their pieces are intricate and unlike other jewelry on the market. They are priced in the Rs. 2, 250- Rs. 5,800 range.

Maria Khan Yousafzai:

Maria Khan Yousafzai makes jewelry for both men and women. The pieces are minimal and well made. They will stand the test of time. Her pieces start from a Rs. 1,000+ and go up to Rs. 3, 700.


Naqees makes thought provoking fashion locally. They make quirky statement tees and jackets, all with a local twist. A piece from them would be great for the fashion forward.


Kalm makes wonderfully soft unisex t-shirts. They are all hand embroidered, some of them with hilarious puns. This would be a perfect gift for those into casual fashion.

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