Rs. 10,000 Jeans VS Rs. 2,400 Jeans

November 22, 2021 0

Are you the type of person who likes to spend a lot on one pair of jeans to be safe or do you like to experiment with different affordable jeans? There are different local brands that offer great quality jeans but at different prices depending on level of quality.


Along with shirts, dresses and accessories @mango offers great quality jeans in different colours, designs and styles.

Also, they have different styles including; high waisted, boot-cut, low-waisted, mom, skinny, straight and wide jeans.

Writer’s pick

@mangos’s medium-waist cropped slim-fit jeans are priced at PKR 10,000. If you’re paying 10K for a pair of jeans, you would expect the jeans to last longer and have the perfect fitting. Mango is said to fulfil all these requirements and sell premium jeans.


@genie.pakistan is a local brand that sells good quality affordable jeans. Genie offers jeans for both men and women. For women, they sell jeggings, mom jeans, straight, skinny, wide leg and flares.

Moreover, Genie jeans are said to be of reasonable quality.

Writer’s pick

@genie.pakistan’s Koel High Rise Skinny Jeans are priced at PKR 2400 which is reasonable enough for a pair of jeans. Along with the affordable price the quality of the jeans is said to be good which makes it worth it.


If you are someone who does not like to experiment and likes to spend more on just one pair of jeans and play it safe then Mango is your go-to place. If you would like to try out different designs and styles and not spend that much on a pair of jeans then your go-to is Genie.

Vaneezae Malhi
Vaneezae Malhi
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