Senior journalists booked for allegedly ‘criticising’ state institutions

Senior journalists booked for allegedly ‘criticising’ state institutions

May 23, 2022 0

What happened:

On May 22, it emerged that journalists Imran Riaz Khan, Sabir Shakir, and Arshad Sharif have been booked for criticising state institutions and abetting rebellion.


According to the FIR, the complainant overheard Khan on social media using “derogatory and inflammatory words” about the army and institutions. Meanwhile, on May 21 and 19 in Hyderabad and Karachi, two FIRs were filed against anchorperson Arshad Sharif. The FIRs were filed under Sections 131, 153, and 505 of the PPC. 


Sharif and fellow ARY News journalist Sabir Shakir were named in another FIR filed in Dadu under PPC Sections 131, 153, and 505. According to the FIR, “derogatory language” about state institutions was used in a dialogue between the two, and comparisons to Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq were made. The two were also encouraging people against the army and governmental institutions, according to the report.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan condemned the act as he claimed that these are ‘fake FIRs’ lodged by the ‘imported government’

Mahnoor Tariq
Mahnoor Tariq
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