Social media app targeted at ‘auctioning’ Muslim women in India  receives criticism

Social media app targeted at ‘auctioning’ Muslim women in India receives criticism

January 3, 2022 0

What happened:

A social media app named “Bulli Bai” is under criticism for uploading numerous Muslim women’s pictures pretending to offer online auctions in India. Bulli Bai is the 2nd platform that has uploaded Muslim women’s pictures on the platform within a year. Independent and TRT World’s report suggests that the platform uses a derogatory term for the Muslim women and shows the images of Indian Muslim women with the caption, “Your Bulli Bai of the day.” 


 The term Bulli Bai is a derogatory term used for women. At the same time, Independent UK reported that hundreds of women, including social workers and journalists, found their pictures on the platform who were to be auctioned off. Subsequently, the Muslim women in India have also called for action against the app, and have registered a complaint at the Delhi police station. 


 On the other hand, reports suggest that the Delhi police have started an inquiry into the matter. Sayema(user:_sayema) tweeted, “There are many Muslim names, including mine, in the obnoxious BulliDeals, same as #SulliDeals.” Another Twitter account, Muslim Analyst(muslimanalyst) tweeted, “Hindutva misogynists had started targeting Muslim women including journalists.” 

Rana Abdullah Hammad
Rana Abdullah Hammad
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