These 4 desi mum’s have taken over the online Instagram food market by the storm

February 22, 2021 0

These mums make households smell amazing and are constantly baking, kneading, whipping, blending, stewing and roasting. Their neighbors, family, and friends all love tasting their latest creations. And so they decided to make profits from their efforts. Meet 5 amazing Mum’s who are fully prepared for your Emergency SOS alert

1) Erum’s Kitchen:

Revamp your dining tables with reviewed and perfected recipes of a homemade luscious food for your fine taste buds. Erum has a variety of lunch deals and hi-tea snacks that you can choose from. It is true that happiness comes in all shapes and sizes. Captain All-Rounder packs happiness for her customers in the form of  pizza cones, dum ka keema, oreo chocolate tarts, panjeeri and so much more!  

2) Ammikayparathay:

This mom’s superpowers are the ‘7 Wonders Of Karachi’;  her 7 different types of luscious parathas. The city of lights is under her supervision from Monday to Sunday. A superhero knows of no holidays! We call this superhero ‘Loki’ for apparent reasons.

3) Waldakitchen

There’s no better food expert than this Kashmiri mom, residing in lahore. With the perfect twist of culture, this mom cooks absolute magic in her kitchen. Desi food, frozen items, desserts and what not.  The list of superpowers just keeps going on. She’s basically the female equivalent of a Spiderman, maybe even better!

4) Baba.ka.dhaba

Saba J.Sheikh is a Lahori food enthusiast preparing the most artesanal food thali’s the sight can ever behold of. A mouth drooling thali of daal darbari, baigan ka bhurta, aalu bhajiya, tarka chawal, chowpaty chana chaat, achar and salad is just one of the examples of how Saba exploits her magnificent wings to cook and creatively refine your taste buds!

You may have 99 problems, but deciding where you should be ordering food from won’t be one now. These expert homepreneurs are only a dm away and they’ll be off for a rescue mission!

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Safa Abdul Karim
Safa Karim